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Transport vom Hafen Tianjin nach Jakarta per Stückgut

20.2023. Oktober XNUMX

In fact ,we transport a lot of cars and trucks by break bulk and roro these years .During flood days in 2023,we transport 100 pcs trucks. This was more than just a simple transportation endeavor; it was an ongoing battle against difficulties and challenges.

Initially, we exerted tremendous effort at Tianjin Port. In the harbor, we had to coordinate with the shipowner for cargo measurements and anticipate various unexpected contingencies. Especially with the Tianjin flooding incident, it caused a significant delay in ship loading. Faced with this sudden adversity, we chose not to give up but instead swiftly sprang into action, seeking solutions.


While waiting for the ship at the port, we worked closely with the dockworkers. Everyone collaborated intensively, overcoming various hurdles to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo. We embarked on the ship with care, securing the cargo meticulously to ensure they received the best protection during the voyage.

As the ship set sail, we entrusted the keys of the trucks to the dock captain. In that moment, we handed over not just goods but also entrusted our trust to that captain and the entire transportation team. It was not just a simple exchange of items; it was a convergence of trust and responsibility.


We never took the transportation of bulk cargo lightly. We approached each item with dedication and professionalism, ensuring they were handled with utmost care throughout the entire transportation process. We understood that these goods might represent our customers' hard work, dreams, and hopes, further solidifying our sense of duty.

Throughout this journey, we were not only executors of logistics but also guardians of trust. We put our hearts and efforts into delivering each truck to Jakarta. This was not just a logistics mission; it was a test of teamwork and a sense of responsibility.

Amidst the ups and downs of this voyage, we persevered because we knew there were countless individuals waitin



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